Drum Lessons

The Drums

Drum Lessons in Boca Raton, Delray Beach South FloridaTo learn how to play drums is a fantastic experience for adults and children alike. Simple beats and rhythms are only the beginning. Lessons will help any student to develop the right skills for playing any type and style of music. The drum kit is only one part of the giant percussion family. These other diverse types of instruments (such as hand drums, maracas, etc) can be included in lessons to learn and experience how sounds and textures are expressed through so many different types of music.

Drums are an amazing instrument! Drums and the human voice are the oldest of mankind’s ways for making music and expressing rhythm. A drum is basically a skin of some sort stretched tightly over a hollow, rigid body. Played with either sticks or the hands, the size of the drum and the tightness of the skin determine the variety of sounds that drums can produce. Modern acoustic drum sets allow you to tune drums heads to an extent. Simple to complex rhythms can be played on all types of drum and percussion instruments and your instructor will help you develop the skills needed to play!

Starting Drum Lessons

There are a few child prodigies out there that can play drums at a very early age. Unless your child has shown that aptitude already, it’s quite rare that a child under 5 will have the focus and coordination to really absorb what is being taught. That’s not to say that it’s not beneficial. Many special needs children can benefit from the physical nature of striking an instrument with a stick (or hands) and using their body in a focused nature. Teaching music always gets through to a child at some level.

Generally speaking, the golden age for children starting drum lessons is 6-8 years old. We would certainly teach a child who is younger however, if that is your wish! There is no upper age limit for learning to play drums through lessons, and it will be as fun as it is challenging.

Getting the Instrument

Depending on the type of drums you are looking to learn, you will want to consider your budget, area available to you for the drum/s, and level of noise acceptable where you live.

Drums (especially full kits) can be expensive. There are many entry-level kits which are economical and there are even child-sized kits. The typical drum set is called a 5-piece and consists of a snare, bass (or kick drum), three toms, hi-hat stand and cymbals, and a crash cymbal. Cymbals are often not included with a kit. This is done, primarily, because taste in cymbal tone and pitch is a very personal matter for many drummers. Kits for children, however, usually include everything you need right out of the box.

Drum Lessons in Lighthouse Point, Delray Beach South FloridaA great option available to musicians today is electronic drums. This kind of kit can come in handy when space and/or noise is a problem. These kits can be heard through a separate speaker (sold separately) or headphones. The extra perks with this kind of set usually include a metronome and play-along songs contained in the main electric module of the kit.

As a parent, determining your child’s interest in drums can be done in stages. Sometimes, all that’s needed to get started is a drum pad and a pair of sticks. If the child continues to practice and enjoy what he’s learning, upgrading to a more comprehensive kit will then be less risky. Your instructor can certainly help out when it comes to picking out a drum kit and your best options as you progress in learning how to play drums.