Music Lessons & Teaching

And so the thirst for music begins…

So…your child had asked for music lessons—perhaps piano is their thing, or singing, maybe guitar, or (gulp!) drums! Or maybe you’ve got a potential Mozart at home or simply a piano that needs to be played. Whatever the reason, you’re going to need a teacher.

Learn Music the Fun Way! Drums, Piano, Guitar in South Florida Boca Raton Plus“What’s next?” you may ask. It can be a daunting task to try to find just the right teacher, studio, or location. You may be tempted to just look around for the least expensive instructor who’s closest to home. After all, this sudden interest in music may be momentary and traded for the school soccer team next week, right?

Our advice: Don’t give into exhaustion and settle!

It may sound surprising, but finding the right music teacher for your child can, many times, determine if your child will stick with the instrument or not. A professional instructor who’s a good match for your child’s abilities and personality who makes the lessons challenging yet fun, can make all the difference.

We offer music lesson services all over Broward and Palm Beach counties in South Florida. Give us a call at (954) 906-9076. Our instructors are patient, fun, and friendly professionals who can teach you or your child how to play their favorite instrument along with musical reading and writing skills. Our instructors use a combination of tried and true methods along with incorporating your favorite songs.

 We currently offer the following instrument and music lessons:

 Some popular music lesson areas in South Florida: